Loss Prevention: Protection of Sensitive Information

Information is ammunition

Information is ammunition

A lot of countries are experiencing the pinch of the financial crisis. Corporations are experiencing a lot of losses and they want to have an advantage on the competition. Corporations will try to use ethical, and in most instances unethical means to get data they need to gain advantage. Companies are so serious and dedicated to the cause to the point that they are hiring ex-military and government trained personnel in the art of spying. Once they acquired the proprietary data they will be able to use it to their own advantage or sell it to the highest bidder.

A corporation will be able to protect itself from corporate espionage by hiring a security provider that will advise and develop security plans for the company. Hiring a security agency will definitely help in the protection of sensitive date because they have the know-how and trained personnel for the job.  There are things that a company must do so that they will not be an easy prey and free from losses.

Identifying which information is sensitive

Identifying which information is sensitive

Identify the sensitive data

There are companies that are not fully aware which data is sensitive and which is not. Identifying which information is sensitive, its risk and impact to the company’s security are really important in your security plans.

shredding the documents after use to reduce of its risk to be easily accessed(pictures by aye de la cruz)

shredding the documents after use to reduce of its risk to be easily accessed(pictures by Aye de la Cruz)

Weak in handling sensitive information

The company must have a process in handling sensitive information. An example of this is maintaining a paperless environment or shredding the documents after use to reduce of its risk to be easily accessed.

Store your Keys Properly

Store your Keys Properly

Physical Materials that are used for the sensitive information are not stored in secure places

Physical materials such as keys, security badges and blank forms can be used to gain access to restricted areas. Once the person has access to restricted facilities they can easily get the information they need.

Personnel are not adequately educated of the risk or trained to handle sensitive information

Orient employees of the security measures of the company

Orient employees of the security measures of the company

Employees that are not fully aware of the risk and tend to be passive on the security measures of the company. Proper training in handling sensitive information should be done to prevent the risk of the breach of security.


List down all the security requirements for your contractors

List down all the security requirements for your contractors

Contracts from third party contractors does not specify the security requirements for sensitive information

Contractors may have access to restricted areas and the risk of information be stolen is high. Contracts should specify the risk involved and a penalty clause should be in the contract in case of breach.

The Need for Security Audits

Absence of security audits will not determine whether the security controls for the sensitive information are effective or not.

We need to remember that any information that is confidential and of high value is considered sensitive. Unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction of sensitive will cause losses to the company.

Business Loss Prevention: The importance of Exit Interviews


Companies will have an opportunity to know their unknown problems from the data of the Exit Interview

Why it is a business loss when an employee leaves a company?

 Invested trainings and all the company’s sensitive information entrusted to that person may be lost to a competitor. The added time and effort of training for a reliever is considered a lost for company, the man-hours given for the training a newbie may be considered for other revenue generating efforts for your company. We have to remember in business-time lost is revenue lost.

Why conduct an Exit Interview?

We may feel that exit interviews are pointless rituals but we can prevent business losses through conducting exit interviews and The departing employee will be able to list the grievances that offer the Security Manager and Operations Manager an opportunity to know the problems, which was unknown. This is also an effective way of gathering information to lessen the attrition rate of a company.


Focus your questions on the company’s vulnerabilities and take note of the answers of the employee.

Seven steps in Conducting an Exit Interview

  1. Be prepared, reading the employee’s profile and employee’s immediate supervisor.
  2. The interview must be done privately face to face and on the last day work, for the employee’s protection.
  3.  Questions must be straight to the point, so you can get better answers.
  4. The question should focus on the company’s vulnerabilities, an example of questions, which focuses on possible theft, and losses that the company may experience during operation.
  5. Exit interviews must be done regardless of the employee’s rank, to obtain all viewpoints that may cause the attrition.
  6. The questions must be structured and standardized to all employees but must adapt to the line of work their doing.
  7. The exit interview questions must be evaluated yearly to adapt the ongoing changes of the company.

When a key employee leaves, try to determine why that employee wants to leave then ask is there anything that the company can do to persuade in leaving. If the employee is determined to leave then remind the employee of the restrictions on the employment contract. Get them to acknowledge this in writing and clarify it if there is any ambiguity.

Duties of Managers to prevent Business Losses

Develop a process for Exit Interviews, so that you will know if there is a problem within the company and rectify it as soon as possible. Learn from that data as it can be useful for employee retention. As a manager, you must be more preventive than reactive when it comes to the security and company losses.

Securing the Safety of Your Business: Hire the Right People II


The resume entails all the skills and knowledge of the applicant while the interview verifies it.

Last week I posted the importance of hiring the right people for the job. Today, you will have some tips on how to screen an applicant.

How to Screen an applicant?

In screening an applicant, you must read through the applicant’s resume and you must conduct interviews. The resume entails all the skills and knowledge of the applicant while the interview verifies it.

Possible Threats during Interview and Screening

1.      Gaps in the employment history or the use of “self-employed status”

·               It is possible that the applicant is concealing a derogatory record from the past employer. Ask about the “self-employed status” and why there are gaps in the employment history.

2.      Inability to remember the names of co-employees or former supervisors

·               The Employment history indicated on the resume maybe fake. Your applicant might be lying about the job experiences.

3.      Gaps in residence

·  The applicant maybe covering up the place of residence that he or she may have a bad record.

4.      Lack of job stability

·               The applicant may have unsatisfactory working habits. In the interview you may    throw questions like why the applicant left the company for just a short span of time or why the applicant always leaves his or her place work.

5.      Signs of instability in personal relations

·           Your applicant may have anger management issues that may be a threat to the applicant’s future co-workers.

After verifying all what is written on the resume, there is also a need to do Profiling and Personal Investigation. This ensures the character of the applicant, and this is part of the screening process to ensure the company security and protection against any future threats.


Screening an applicant ensures the company’s security and protection against any future threats.







What is profiling?

In Profiling, the responses are being analyzed thru a questionnaire to check the applicant’s reaction to a future critical situation and this is usually done on the second part of the interview.


Check the applicant’s reaction on a particular work related question.







What is Personal Security Investigation?

This is the process of checking the character, reputation, morals and suitability of the applicant to the position. You can do this by doing a background Investigation on the applicant.

What is Background Investigation?

We may have to check the reputation of the applicant by calling the previous employer, the neighbors and the National Bureau of Investigation. We may the use the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so we can know the true character of the applicant.

As a Manager:What are you going to do now?                                  

You can implement a system of hiring the right people; to save time and money you may hire a Security and Investigation Agency to assists you on the Profiling and Background Investigation of your applicants, since they are the best people for job. You can hire security consultants as they are also experts when it comes to background investigation and profiling.

Once hired make sure that you will take care of your employees and provide them with what they need to get the job done. You must remember that setting up a system of hiring not only protects your business operation but also protects the future of your business.

Securing the Safety of Your Business: Hire the Right People


No customers in your store? maybe you are doing it wrong..

Hiring the right people on the job is very important when it comes to the security and stability of your business. Companies are spending lot of time and money hiring the best people but they are only gaining a small percentage of returns from their employees. You may find someone already that you think that is fit for the task but later on finding out that you lost more than you gained.

Why Hiring the Best People is Making your Business Safe?


Gain more by hiring the right people for your business

It is a fact that great financial losses are attributed mainly to lack of skill, knowledge and negligence of employees towards their work. There is a big risk also that you hired an employee that may cause harm than gain. Losses are also incurred when there is a direct participation of employees in theft and sabotage of your operation. You must weed out all the potential risk before they are being employed in your company.   



Nobody wants to hire someone who is unreliable and unfit for the job. You can prevent this by screening the applicant. There are unique ways to screen an applicant. Next week I’ll be posting tips on how to screen an applicant and possible threats that you may find during the job interview. So have a fun and safe day again!

Safety and Security: Inside and Outside the workplace

Work safely and injury Free

Click on the picture to view the video

Around 5-15 people are feared to be dead and around 160 people are injured in the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Waco, Texas. No confirmation yet on the cause of the explosion but Texas authorities advised probably that the explosion is caused by an accidental fire.

Accidents do happen unexpectedly and should be everybody’s concern. I found this video although funny it is but surely an effective way for someone to remember what he or she needs to do at work and at home. In this clip we are reminded to do the following or else suffering the consequences.

First of all I don’t own the video and it was created by napofilm.net and posted in YouTube by Safety8384 Canal. I really love it video for it entails how we as an employee, co-worker and employer must do to prevent any accidents that may happen in the while at work or outside your work area. Security is very important but safety should be everybody’s concern. All of our personnel are not just trained in Security but also in Safety.

Use the proper clothing and equipment before starting to work

Proper Personal Protection Equipment should be always used to prevent injury

 Proper Eating Habits at Work

Munching on those sweet and soda would add more inches to the waist. Good Eating Habits reduces the risk of disease.

 What to do when an equipment is broken?

Employees must report it immediately; accidents happen a lot when the equipment you use is busted.

Supervisors, Managers and Employers; have it fixed if there is a need have it replaced. A greater loss may happen if that is disregarded.

 Safety Hazards At Work

Report it! So that proper signs and precautionary measures can be done to prevent any accidents

Driving home

Drive defensively and please do mind the signs.

Eat Healthy and mind the food you eat at home

We all know dieting is one of the most difficult things to do but we need to do it. A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health. It is thought to be important for lowering health risks, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Good housekeeping habits are an important part of being safe at the workplace and at home

Why is good housekeeping important?

·         To reduce amounts of flammable and combustible materials.

·         To reduce ignition hazards.

·         To ensure safe emergency evacuation of occupants.

               To allow for quick emergency response

Use every tool as how it was designed

Improper usage of any tool may lead to injury,especially if you are using a particular tool for a different purpose.

Avoid connecting wires to sockets that are exposed

Doing this may cause a power blackout or worse death.

Here are some safety tips if  your mates are planning a barbeque and some sporty fun…

Find a better way to light your charcoal

Sometimes people use kerosene and lighter fluid.Lighter fluid has a tendency to explode it’s safer to find other means to light your coals.

Safety in Sports

Do some warm-ups and stretching before a game. Wear protective gear to prevent injuries.

Wear a Helmet while Riding a Bike

A Helmet will keep your head safe from bumps, bruises and concussions.

Safety Awareness would not be enough to keep you safe, practice the procedures and make it a habit. Keep Safe Everyone

Terrorist Attack: What to do after a Bomb Explodes?

Ground Zero

Cement is shattered by a small bomb

I am deeply saddened on what happened in the Boston Marathon.I saw it in TV and read in the news that around 176 people were injured and three confirmed fatalities. This is a cowardly act which its purposes are to eradicate whoever does not believe in their beliefs and promote widespread fear. Fear halts the daily activities of that country, disrupts commerce and may cause economic dislocation. Terrorism not only attacks people but also the financial stability of a state or country.

Terrorist usually use bombs because they are effective means of massively inflicting death, injury and fear in an area. They are engineered to spread the most amount of shrapnel between two feet to five feet on the ground mainly because is to maximize the chances of hitting standing people.


What to do if there was an explosion?


If the bomb exploded near you, check if you’re injured if not get help then evacuate immediately

rescue 2

Check if you’re injured and attend to yourself first before attending or getting help for others.

If you heard an explosion immediately drop and go flat on the ground. Check if you’re injured,attend to yourself first before getting help for others.

In a terrorist attack the objective is to maximize the element surprise and inflict more injury, there is a possible of multiple explosions in the next few minutes so get out of that place immediately after getting help.



Don’t Run and stay away from the crowd

Running away may injure you more; you may possibly slip or bump other people. Large crowds are common targets for terrorist so stay away from them.


Don’t Run and stay away from the crowd





Stay away from glass doors and windows

 Glass doors and windows from shops and other buildings are perfect targets for terrorist. When a bomb explodes thousands of flying broken glass can be used to inflict more injury.

Glass windows

Broken glass will be flying from the windows after an explosion piercing your soft skin and muscle

Go to a secure place and stay away from its windows

Go back to your hotel or to the place you are staying. Don’t forget stay away from glass windows.







Watch and Listen to the News


The News will tell you where prohibited ,dangerous areas and where to evacuate

Knowing whatever advice on the news will help for your safety and security. The news will tell what roads are blocked and places not to go.





Call your friends and family


Tell them you’re OK

Tell them what happened and tell them you’re OK. Check if the others are safe also.






Make a note of all what you saw before and after it happened.


Writing down the details of the blast will definitely help in the Police Investigation

Write  everything that  you can remember from the blast and give it to the police. This may help in the investigation





What you have just encountered will be too much for you. Keep something that will comfort you and relieve the stress. Pray, play your favorite music or anything that will keep you calm. If you are a foreigner, call your embassy and let them know if you’re OK or need some assistance and where you are.


Keep an item that will relieve your stress







Just always remember Danger never takes a vacation and Safety never takes a holiday. Everyone have a safe day!

A safe and secure way of going home late at night

Don’t be a Victim

When the BPO and the call center industry came to a boom in the Philippines a lot of Filipina women go home from a mid-shift or at a late night shift. As a result; a lot robbers, thieves and rapist are on the prowl, choosing their next female victim. We must be extra cautious when we walk the streets at night, be aware of your surroundings and the people you will meet. Below are some best practices that you may do to be safe and secure.

Before going to work, plan how you’re going to get home


Always Plan how to get to your house safely when going home late

You can take a cab or you can just take a safe and familiar route thru jeep or bus. In the Philippines; company cabs have radios, which their main base would make a roll call every now and then to check on their units if it was hijacked or car napped. Other Filipino cab companies have GPS and emergency alarm systems that signals their main Headquarters if they are in trouble. Company cabs will also give you receipts with their customer service numbers also. If you were not able to get a company cab, just check plate number on the body and on plate if they will match. Then take note of it and text or message a friend or family at home the plate number of the taxi that you will ride, you can do this also on any cab just to be safe.

Be with a male companion or companions

Its always fun walking home with someone

Its always fun walking home with someone

Try to have a lot of guy friends at work that can help you out when going home. Go home in packs, there is strength in numbers. You can ask your husband, fiancee or brother to help you go home also. I believe they will think twice because they rarely attack a woman with a male companion.

Always secure your handbag

Bag snatch

Secure Your Bag

I definitely know that a woman’s bag is her life. All of her valuables are there cell phone, favorite make up and money. Thieves will target you on busy streets, buses, trains and while taking the stairs. They can use your information from your ID and go to your house and might do a home invasion. Make it well secured underneath your arms. They will be very fast, so be aware of your surroundings.

Don’t attract attention to yourself which may put you at risk

When going out of the house whether it is for work or out clubbing, avoid wearing flashy jewelry or wear clothes that are too revealing. Yeah I know you want to be sexy and beautiful but you can still relay the same message across by wearing less jewelry and less revealing attires that are very appealing.


Know what you wear

Learn and Train to do defend yourself

Learn self defense and make yourself strong .If your physically fit you can able to put off minor attacks and be sexy at the same time.

boxing gloves

Make Your Self Strong

Just always remember Danger never takes a vacation. Always be Safe!

Having Fun and Traveling Safely with the Family

memories 126

Rest and Relaxation

It’s Summer Fun in the Philippines again and the best way to do this summer is to travel to exciting places. Whether you’re going to stay to the beach, or go to the exotic parks. Surely you want to get most of that experience and have a safe and secure trip. An easy way to do that is just follow these simple steps.

Preperation before the Trip

  • Do a research on your Destination. In this way we will know if there are hazards to expect in the area and how much you’ll spending for the trip. Check also the emergency numbers in the area.
  • Leave a note or tell a trusted family member about the trip. This way people will try to find you just in case something happens to you during the trip.
  • If you’re going to travel by Car always remember BLOWBAG check the ff: Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, and Gas

    Check if you have enough fuel


If you are going to Travel by Road

Road Safety

Always mind the signs

  • Always wear your seat-belt. If you’re traveling with a child instruct them how to use the seat-belt
  • Drive defensively; there is no need to rush as long you’re going to arrive safe and sound.
  • Don’t leave your child alone in the vehicle; accidents happen a lot in situations like this.

While at the Airport and on the Plane

  • Check also for any airline or airport regulation requirement for toddlers and kids. 


    The Best way to Travel is to Fly

  • Explain carefully the security and safety procedures to your kids, instruct them to cooperate
  • Tell your children NO BOMB JOKES or false threats about security issues.

What to do While In The Hotel

  • Potential Hazards needs to be checked: sharp corners of the furniture, open wires and electrical outlets.

    Fire Extinguisher

    Locate the fire Extinguisher

  • Find the ff: Fire Exits and Fire Extinguishers in your room.
  • Orient the kids what to do in case of emergency inside the hotel.
  • Hazardous items, keep it off limits to kids
  • Supervise your children inside the Hotel.


memories 120

Fun in the Sun

While you and the kids start to have fun

  • Keep your children with in your reach; supervise them during bio-breaks,crossing the street, on the swimming pools and especially on large crowds.
  • Set ground rules for teenagers: curfews and safety issues.
  • Instruct your kids to go to an agreed place and stay there when they get lost. They can call you or message on the cellular phone.
  • Provide them with notes with your number in their pockets so they can contact you.
  • Play areas should be checked with potential hazards: sharp edges openings which they may get stuck or cut.
  • Orient the kids not to talk or take anything from strangers
  • If there is a need for it, provide your kids with proper safety equipment while playing

You and your things

  • Always make sure your things are within your sights and reach.


    Avoid the Crowd

  • Your valuables should be separated to your other things and wear them close to your body in different places. This will be difficult for thieves and pickpockets to find them.
  • Try to create copies of all your important documents and store them separately from the originals.   Hotels usually has a safe, you can also place your important documents there for safekeeping.
  • Try to avoid large crowds if possible. Large Crowds may be used as a target for terrorist. Pickpockets use large crowds to find their victims and use its confusion when they strike at they prey.

Just keep in mind that you can have all the fun you want just as long you keep it safe.

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